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The range looks good, I don't think there is a single
book I've read although most of the authors are one I
like and would buy. I also liked the covers - they'd
at least make me look at the book. As for possible
titles, a few that occured seem, on checking, to be in
print, or recently so. However (and this is why I
posted to the list) there was a book (or two books
rather) mentioned on the list earlier this year. I
think someone said Neil Gaiman mentioned it on his
website, Sally (I think) had read it and I checked the
Library of Congress records, dates from the late '60s
early '70s. Anyway, whatever those books were, I'd
suggest them for inclusion.
One other author occurs to me, kenneth Morris who
wrote a couple of great books in the '30s which were
reprinted in the '70s but seem to be well and truely
out of print now. "The book of three dragons" and "the
fates of the princes of Dyfed" both deserve
reprinting. Part of 3 dragons is available here;


Jon Noble

> wrote:
> Hello, Diana Wynne Jones Listservers: 
> I cleared this email with the esteemed Deborah, and
> so here we go.
> As you might or might not know, I have a paperback
> sff imprint, Firebird,
> that launched this past January.  DWJ is one of the
> members of its Editorial
> Advisory Board (and has many opinions!).  I wonder
> if you might visit the
> Firebird website (www.firebirdbooks.com) and let me
> know what you think of
> the site, the list, the future selections, the
> covers ... and if there are
> any books or authors I should consider, either for
> Viking hardcover or
> Firebird reissue, or both!
> Thanks so much for letting me butt in like this. 
> (BTW, although I tremble
> to mention this, I have read THE MERLIN CONSPIRACY,
> and it is AWESOME.  Read
> DEEP SECRET first, though!)  sdn
> Sharyn November
> Senior Editor
> Viking Children's Books/Puffin Books
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> SNovember at penguinputnam.com
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> www.firebirdbooks.com
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