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--- jackie e stallcup <jstallcup at> wrote:
> I haven't read Gregory Maguire's work yet, but does
> he do this?  

There is not much of this in "Wicked" although in the
original "Wizard of Oz" Dorothy is another example of
a child without her natural parents. 
However there is quite a bit of exploration of this in
"confessions of an ugly stepsister" . You should read
the book (both), 
Interestingly in the movie "Ever after" based on
Cinderella, Cinders is Catherine de medici (although
never identified as such, but that was who Henri II,
her handsome prince actually married) who certainly
gave natural mothers a bad name (and who features
incidently in one of the first Doctor Who stories I
can remember watching)

Jon Noble

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