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Wed Oct 30 21:42:18 EST 2002

--- Sally Odgers <sodgers at> wrote:
> I couldn't work out what how it was
> > suposed to occur, was he just turning the earth
> > backwards
> I think the idea is that he turns the world back to
> the position it was in
> some time before, thus taking everyone back to that
> time.
When I first saw the movie I at first thought that it
was the spinning fast around a massive object idea
(probably because I'd just read of this theory in the
scioence section of Analog or New Scientist or
somewhere) but everyone else I've talked to thinks
he's just trying to spin the earth backwards and that
somehow this makes time reverse. If you are trying to
move the Earth into the position it occupied in space
some time previously it is not just a matter of
shifting it back along its orbit around the sun, there
are other motions as well, are sun is moving in its
stellar cluster, that is revolving around the Galaxy
and so on. remember the song from "The meaning of
life". If you just move the Earth that is all you
doing ("did the Earth move for you, too, Lois?"), You
would have to be able to move the entire Universe to a
previous state. Compared to this moving around a
rotating object several times the mass of the sun at a
significant proportion of the speed of light is easy.

 It sort of makes
> sense. For an example - if we could jump high in the
> air and hover for a few
> hours, we would (supposedly?) land in a different
> place when we came down.
> Well, *I* know what I mean.

I presume you mean we would cease to spin with the
earth because we are no longer standing on it. This
wouldn't work because of newtonian mechanics - we are
already moving with the earth and continue to do so
when we jump.

Jon Noble

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