Re If you're really bored (and now straying into SUV/4WDs)

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Wed Oct 30 21:06:16 EST 2002

As one of the anti-4WD (as we say here) people on the
list I have to admit that there is a place for them.
In the bush they are indespensable. And for plenty of
other occasions as well, our house would never have
been built without one. They are not appropriate for
suburban mothers to drive 500 metres to drop their
kids at school, nor do i like the idea of people
bashing through fragile bushland in them with no
thought as to erosion problems, or the spread of
weeds, just becasue they think it is their right to
have a good time in whatever they they wish.

Jon Noble
(Who was once with a group of people who drove a
LandRover into a creek near Mudgee [it wasn't there
the day before] to have it pulled out and repaired by
the person who had 25 years earlier actually designed
the Land Rover engine)

--- Kathleen Jennings <s368333 at>
> Everyone on the list seems to be anti-SUV so I feel
> like I should explain my
> stance. I grew up in the outback where everything
> (almost) is a fourwheel
> drive (which in Australia covers SUVs). Someone once
> asked my mother if one
> of our vehicles was 4WD and she said, "I guess so,
> it has four wheels". My
> father took me out in the paddock after (rare) rain
> to teach me to drive in
> the mud. He made me drive around the dam (I didn't
> want to) and we bogged
> the truck up to the doors. We walked back to the
> house and took the tractor
> down and bogged that too. We tried to take the van
> as well but my mother
> wouldn't let us. We had to wait until the mud dried
> out and we could dig
> everything out again. So in my books SUVs aren't all
> evil. I still don't
> understand why people drive them in cities. I want a
> Ford Falcon station
> wagon - lots more space inside even if it does drive
> like a boat.
> Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most
> of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if
> nothing had happened.
> - W. Churchill
> Kathleen Jennings
> s368333 at
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