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Wed Oct 30 20:44:24 EST 2002

--- Ania <theania at> wrote:
> I just thought of one, though it's not original, but
> it would be good in the
> right hands (mine, for example). Some of you are
> familiar with the graphic
> novel 'Preacher'. The eponymous hero has a voice (in
> addition to his
> ordinary one; the special voice does not kick in
> accidentally), anyway, when
> he uses the voice, it has the authority of an
> absolute command, and the
> person addressed has to obey, however
> unlikely/impossible/life-threatening
> it may be. Now, I'd soon put the world to rights
> with that one! Guess what
> happens when he tells someone male and really
> horrible to (warning:
> bowdlerization in effect!) go screw himself! (evil
> grin). 
I always liked the power of John Brunner's "Traveller
in Black" which basically granted people what they
asked for - a great example of the "be carefull what
you wish for .." idea.

But I'd just
> eliminate war and its weapons, violence, corporate
> greed, bigotry etc. Then
> again, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts
> absolutely, so maybe it
> would not be safe. 

I always liked the version that goes "power corrupts
and absolute power is even better"


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