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--- Sally Odgers <sodgers at> wrote:
> . I would
> > treat this a getting there in the nick of time
> rather
> > than necromancery.
> How do you all feel about the 13 second backtracking
> they do in Galaxy Quest
> (movie)
I think that in this movie there was no problem as it
wasn't a film to treat seriously anyway

 or in Superman - um - 2? when Superman flies
> back through time to
> un-kill Lois Lane?
amazingly I have just had a girl dressed as superman
(or supergirl) walk past my office - we're having a
very confused day here at school. I didn't like this
at all because I couldn't work out what how it was
suposed to occur, was he just turning the earth
backwards - thats just plain silly, was he just doing
the star trek type time travel manouver, or was he
trying to apply the genuine theory that if you travel
sufficiently fast around a sufficiently massive
spinning body you can travel back in time (the Earth
isn't massive enough for this the happen in practice
but I'd forgive that if he was trying to apply a
genuine scientific principle.) Anyway, back to the
plot if superman can travel back in time for Lois Lane
why not to save Krypton, this ability makes the whole
series become rather pointless.

> When I pulled something similar in an (unpublished)
> book called "Out of
> Time" back in the 80s (that's the one that got
> rejected after 11 years...) I
> chose to make the "correction" available for only a
> very short time. If it
> was left too late, too many consequences would have
> happened and the knot
> would have become too complex to undo.
> And in "Trinity Street" (1997) a Recoveree had to be
> snatched bare seconds
> *before* death, so as to leave the rest of the
> time-line intact.
If you have seen the movie "Millennium" or read the
novel of it by John Varley - that idea is there too,
time travelers from a barren future are picking up
disaster victims to repopulate their world, but have
to be careful not to alter the past, so no one can
know that, say all the people who were left on the
Titanic were actually rescued (except, hopefully,
leonardo decaprio - I got sick of waiting for hime to
die) this requires special teams to very quickly
remove everyone in the last second and substite
artificial bodies. here however this occurs before the
is any actual question of death.

Jon Noble

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