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jackie e stallcup jstallcup at
Wed Oct 30 20:08:54 EST 2002

> How do you all feel about the 13 second backtracking they do in 
> Galaxy Quest
> (movie) or in Superman - um - 2? when Superman flies back through 
> time to
> un-kill Lois Lane?

Oh, this bugged the heck out of me, even as a kid--not because of the
time travel issue, but because the screenwriters thought that making the
earth turn backwards would somehow turn time back--HUH???  what on earth
(literarally!) has the direction of rotation got to do with the direction
of time?????

I can deal with time travel, particularly if (as you noted Sally), it is
dealt with in complex ways that take into account the paradoxes and
problems that would crop up.  But I don't like being treated like I'm
stupid, as those screenwriters did.

Jackie S.
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