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Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Wed Oct 30 18:55:42 EST 2002

--- Michelle Thomas > 
> I was thinking, vaguely, half awake this morning,
> about the opening preface
> of Sabriel.  And (I do need to read it again)
> whether Abhorsen was wrong to
> get Sabriel back when she had died. And wondered
> what others thought.

As they say in the princess bride - there's "dead" and
there's "nearly dead" - I think in this case Sabriel
is only "nearly dead", although as in Princess Bride
the non-expert may mistake this condition for "dead"
but Abhorsen is the expect and if he says that Sabriel
isn't dead then she isn't. It goes on to say that she
hadn't crossed the first gateway, if she had he
wouldn't have been able to bring her back. I would
treat this a getting there in the nick of time rather
than necromancery.

Jon Noble

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