Ania theania at
Wed Oct 30 18:40:18 EST 2002

I just thought of one, though it's not original, but it would be good in the
right hands (mine, for example). Some of you are familiar with the graphic
novel 'Preacher'. The eponymous hero has a voice (in addition to his
ordinary one; the special voice does not kick in accidentally), anyway, when
he uses the voice, it has the authority of an absolute command, and the
person addressed has to obey, however unlikely/impossible/life-threatening
it may be. Now, I'd soon put the world to rights with that one! Guess what
happens when he tells someone male and really horrible to (warning:
bowdlerization in effect!) go screw himself! (evil grin). But I'd just
eliminate war and its weapons, violence, corporate greed, bigotry etc. Then
again, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, so maybe it
would not be safe. Ah well.

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