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Wed Oct 30 18:18:36 EST 2002

The types of superpowers people would like have been very interesting.
A few(?) people have mentioned healing. What I wondering is this:
Power is neutral. It isn't of itself good or evil (I don't think it is power
that corrupts so much as it is human nature that is infinitely corruptable).
So Superman's powers of "flight" or "x-ray vision" could be used for bad as
well as good. Which is why we call them that and not the powers of "rescuing
people on window ledges" or "detecting explosives in on-board luggage".
There's a wonderful tension between the way these things are or 'should' be
used and the way they *could* be used (by Our Hero or another).
Healing doesn't have this tension. It implies only good action or bad
inaction. Not an equal and opposite action. But if you can heal, you can
harm. If you can put it together, you can take it apart. So healing is only
the use the power is put to (like 'rescuing people on ledges') - it is only
a part of the whole. I'm getting to my question now:
What would this superpower be called? "Power of life and death" sounds
overly melodramatic and "power over the functioning of organisms" sounds
bad. I've been trying to work this out for an idea for some time now. Does
anyone have any suggestions?

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