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Wed Oct 30 05:48:37 EST 2002

Michelle wrote:
> I was thinking, vaguely, half awake this morning, about the 
> opening preface
> of Sabriel.  And (I do need to read it again) whether 
> Abhorsen was wrong to
> get Sabriel back when she had died. And wondered what others thought.

No, because if he hadn't there wouldn't have been a story :)

Spoilers for Sabriel

Seriously, I don't think so, any more than doctors are if they try to revive
a stillborn. Sabriel knows that she can't bring her father back when she
finds him in Death- presumably he would have known if she was "too dead" to
bring back. (When she brings the schoolgirl's rabbit back, it doesn't
promptly die again from the injuries it got when it was hit by the car.
Maybe the spirit coming back into the body can heal it?)
Dying at such an early age might sensitise her to it, but I don't recall
seeing anything to say that she is a better Abhorsen than her predecessors.
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