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>> Has anyone else read Sabriel, and would you be interested in discussing it?
> I love it, and would be happy to discuss.
> I suspect we should wait for Abhorsen before discussing Lirael.
Goodie - please can we not discuss Lirael though - no spoilers!  I'm just
going to throw out some random ideas and see where they land!

I was thinking, vaguely, half awake this morning, about the opening preface
of Sabriel.  And (I do need to read it again) whether Abhorsen was wrong to
get Sabriel back when she had died. And wondered what others thought.

I was also thinking about the absent mother, and feeling a bit sorry for the
traveller woman who, preumably, is central to Sabriel's early life but is
never mentioned again.

And thinking about absent mothers in fairy tales and children's literature

Interested to see what other people think


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