November, Sharyn SNOVEMBER at penguinputnam.com
Tue Oct 29 19:47:42 EST 2002

Hello, Diana Wynne Jones Listservers: 

I cleared this email with the esteemed Deborah, and so here we go.

As you might or might not know, I have a paperback sff imprint, Firebird,
that launched this past January.  DWJ is one of the members of its Editorial
Advisory Board (and has many opinions!).  I wonder if you might visit the
Firebird website (www.firebirdbooks.com) and let me know what you think of
the site, the list, the future selections, the covers ... and if there are
any books or authors I should consider, either for Viking hardcover or
Firebird reissue, or both!

Thanks so much for letting me butt in like this.  (BTW, although I tremble
to mention this, I have read THE MERLIN CONSPIRACY, and it is AWESOME.  Read
DEEP SECRET first, though!)  sdn

Sharyn November
Senior Editor
Viking Children's Books/Puffin Books
SNovember at penguinputnam.com

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