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Kathleen Jennings s368333 at
Tue Oct 29 23:30:51 EST 2002

Everyone on the list seems to be anti-SUV so I feel like I should explain my
stance. I grew up in the outback where everything (almost) is a fourwheel
drive (which in Australia covers SUVs). Someone once asked my mother if one
of our vehicles was 4WD and she said, "I guess so, it has four wheels". My
father took me out in the paddock after (rare) rain to teach me to drive in
the mud. He made me drive around the dam (I didn't want to) and we bogged
the truck up to the doors. We walked back to the house and took the tractor
down and bogged that too. We tried to take the van as well but my mother
wouldn't let us. We had to wait until the mud dried out and we could dig
everything out again. So in my books SUVs aren't all evil. I still don't
understand why people drive them in cities. I want a Ford Falcon station
wagon - lots more space inside even if it does drive like a boat.

Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most
of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if
nothing had happened.
- W. Churchill
Kathleen Jennings
s368333 at

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