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Sorry about this one, I started writing a reply, but
decided it was starting to get a very looooooong way
off topic and thought I may have another go later, but
accidently sent it instead of cancelling. Now that its
been posted i may as well finish.

--- Jon Noble <jon_p_noble at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Our local council is seeking to protect the pocket
> of
> urban bushland in which I live. The original draft
> Local Environment Plan had zoned my land and much
> nearby as "Environment protection", however there
> must
> have some objections as we are now back to "rural
> living" zoning. The area over the road from me,
> which
> is still fairly high quality bushland has kept its
> "Environment 
.......Protection" zoning. All this area is important
urban bushland, home to a large number of species
including at least one endangered bird and a very rare
plant. At least our council is trying to do the right
thing, however it is often the case that if they try
to stop something the developer who wants it takes
them to court - and wins which means the council (ie
we ratepayers) end up having to pay court costs. We
are least keeping our block of land (a bit over half a
hectare - and acre and a half) native bushland as much
as possible as are our neighbours on either side.

Jon Noble

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