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The forces of chaos atre with me tonight .... the
mail I was just apologising for was wrongly
addressed and sent back. I'm sending it again on
account of the interesting urls. 

Jackie wrote

<And that reminds me that I was going to tell you

all that I'm planning to
teach Fire and Hemlock in conjunction with Tam 
Lin in my Feminism and
Fairy Tales course next semester.  I'll keep you 
updated as to how it
goes...  And if anyone has any suggestions about 
setting it up, I'll be
glad to hear them!  The thread on Dark Lord was 
VERY useful for
me--everyone had great ideas and suggestions.>

We had some great discussions about Tam Lin and
Pamela Dean. Some of us (me included) liked TL
very much but were somewhat exasperated by the
obscurities of the style and storytelling, to say
nothing of the incessant quoting. The urls below
should lead you to the original discussion and
it's thread spawn, Tam Lin and Elitism. 

They are a good choice for a feminism and fairy
tales course being as how there is the apparent
reversal of the active prince/passive princess
cliche that some feminists have mistaken for the

I then made some discussion suggestions which I
have now adapted to F and H alone.

The treatment of the mundane elements of the
Polly's life, ie school, family
 and friendship.

The books referenced  in the texts and
how they are being used.

How the power relationships between Polly and Tom
actually operates.

Good luck!


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