Teaching Fire and Hemlock

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Good idea--thank you--I'll get a copy and check it out.  I also thought
about using dwj's article, too, though it might shut down
conversation--you know, "well, she says this is what she did and why."
end of conversation!  Whichever, I'll make sure to set it up better than
I did DLoD...



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This sounds great. I'd love to see the syllabus. I have a suggestion for
theory-type reading - the first couple of chapters of _Troublesome
by Diane Purkiss (a DWJ fan who some people may know from the girlsown 
list). She talks about the origin of fairy myths. I found the book quite 
resonant of some of the ideas of fairies in DWJ's books, even though they

aren't explicitly discussed.

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