Buying books on ... anyone want discounts?

Denise DeGraf mustang at
Tue Oct 29 17:57:31 EST 2002

I've been ordering quite a few books lately through  -- mostly 
fantasy, science-fiction, children's books, autism/Asperger's, and cats, 
but I'll be getting other types in the future as well.  I was just 
wondering, would anyone like me to add them to my "Share The Love" list, so 
they can get discounts if they order the same titles?  If so, toss your 
account name & which types of books you're interested in to me.  :^)

(For those interested in autism titles, it should be possible to go through 
Jypsy's store so she gets extra funds... :)


mustang at ~~
"...she was alone, and had always been alone, and had
grown accustomed to it without knowing what she was
accustoming herself to." --R. McKinley, "Deerskin"

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