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> I just read it online, she thinks Alcestierre is
> early 20th century, not
> necessarily England but just in terms of the
> technology - and the border
> guards and barbed wire.  But she's definitely less
> interested in it as
> fantasy than as horror which I agree is odd - I
> didn't think of the Dead as
> zombies at all.

I thought of Alcestierre as an England analog, with
about 1920s technology. While I did think of the dead
as Zombies I thought of the books as definitely
fantasy rather than horror, not even part of that
borderland between them that people like Clive Barker
inhabit. They are great books - I too can't wait for
the next. Nix was one of my great discoveries of last
year (The other was Sean Macmullen - another Aussie
author who creates some great librarians!). I bought
Lirael and Sabriel for school and loved them both.
I've also read "Shade's children" which is a juvenile
sf of rather dark tone and also recomended. My school
library also has "Ragwitch" but I fear the kid who has
it out has lost it - it is now very overdue, and I
have a couple of others ("7th tower" series ????) on
order - these are fantasies aimed at a younger

Jon Noble

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