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Sadly, I might have touble getting planning
> permission for this (the monstrousities that have been built on the hill
> opposite having been built since they had planning permission before rules
> to preserve the beauty of the area, and the council don't have the power
> revoke it. Grr.)

Ah, yes, the horrid bungaloids. Similar vileness ongoing in my bit of Wales.
I have a plan. I've had it for years. This is it:
1. I win the lottery (rollover jackpot week).
2. I buy up all plots with planning permission for 'new executive homes' and
3. I tie them up legally for perpetuity so that no one is ever going to
erect a bungalow on them, even if the local freemasons and businessmen have
me bumped off.
4. I buy up particularly ugly existing dwellings (there is one near
Llanddewi Brefi which is a single-storey bungalow made out of white glazed
bricks; it lookas like a public toilet) and I have my boyfriend, who has an
explosives licence, mine them up before I blow them up sky high. Then see 2.

If only...


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