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Caleb W scalebw at tiscali.co.uk
Tue Oct 29 14:32:30 EST 2002


Having thought about this a bit, I'll explain my elaborate idea. There's a
field on the hill that I live on which looks out across the valley and to
the mountains beyond, although it's pretty steeply sloped. I buy it, and
then build a house part castle, part hobbit hole and part house, in the
style of the old local stone buildings. I'd have a large library and plenty
of hidden passageways and things like that, along with a room with a large
open window looking out. I'd also quite like a drawbridge on the front door
to shut out unwanted visitors. Sadly, I might have touble getting planning
permission for this (the monstrousities that have been built on the hill
opposite having been built since they had planning permission before rules
to preserve the beauty of the area, and the council don't have the power to
revoke it. Grr.)

Caleb W

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