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> Michelle wrote:
>> Has anyone else read Sabriel, and would you be interested in
>> discussing it?

Ooh, Sabriel! I love that books and its sequels.

> I read it some months ago, so I couldn't discuss in detail, but I'd love to
> hang round the edges of a discussion and put a word in here and there. (You
> have to read Lirael now!)

Not really, if you don't want an agonising wait until Abhorsen comes out (US
hardcover version in Feb' 2003, iirc). Sabriel is self-contained, but
Lirael so clearly ends in the middle of the story.

> There was an enthusiastic review of Sabriel in the Gaurdian's Review section
> a couple of weeks ago, which I read going "yes, but" all the way through.
> She seemed to love it as a horror novel, (and she thought Ancelstierre was
> supposed to be modern England, which I don't think it is) whereas I'd liked
> it very much as fantasy. The things I remember strongly are the characters
> and the world and the Charter, and I hadn't thought of the dead as "armies
> of zombies" at all. Although bits were frightening, I don't think it was,
> well, *horrific* in atmosphere, like in the horror genre. It reminded me
> more of The Furthest Shore.

I quite agree with you, the book has suspense, not horror. And the image of
"armies of zombies" sounds so totally wrong, when talking about this book
:P. My view of Ancestierre is that it might resemble England or one of its
colonies from an earlier period, but isn't really an exact replica of modern


p.s. Good news for all the Finns out there: WSOY has recently bought
translation rights to Nix's series, so these books will start coming out in
Finnish in a year or two.

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