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Tue Oct 29 05:41:36 EST 2002

Michelle wrote:
> Has anyone else read Sabriel, and would you be interested in 
> discussing it?

I read it some months ago, so I couldn't discuss in detail, but I'd love to
hang round the edges of a discussion and put a word in here and there. (You
have to read Lirael now!)
There was an enthusiastic review of Sabriel in the Gaurdian's Review section
a couple of weeks ago, which I read going "yes, but" all the way through.
She seemed to love it as a horror novel, (and she thought Ancelstierre was
supposed to be modern England, which I don't think it is) whereas I'd liked
it very much as fantasy. The things I remember strongly are the characters
and the world and the Charter, and I hadn't thought of the dead as "armies
of zombies" at all. Although bits were frightening, I don't think it was,
well, *horrific* in atmosphere, like in the horror genre. It reminded me
more of The Furthest Shore.
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