Garner's "The Owl Service"

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at
Tue Oct 29 05:21:07 EST 2002

Widdy wrote:
>>> What does someone mean when they say they've got the "ab-dabs"?

Sallyo wrote:
>>Heebie-jeebies, I think!

Rowena wrote:
>Hmm, depends on the context. I know the phrase 'screaming ab-dabs' to mean
>To me, heebie-jeebies is more being creeped out by something.

I've heard "the screaming ab-dabs" but never to mean anything but fright-
heebie-jeebies is just about right, I think. (Actually I don't think I've
ever *heard* anyone say ab-dabs at all, but every time I've seen it written
it's meant having the wind up. It's a bit of a Bertie Wooster thing to say,
I think.)

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