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Elizabeth Evans er.evans at
Mon Oct 28 20:51:25 EST 2002

Ven said

> What type of house would I like?
<snip mouthwatering description of lovely Scottish home>
> Otherwise I have a great hankering for a really
> modern house -- ie something not just built at
> the present time, like so many unimaginative
> pastiches of past designs but something really
> innovative in design and materials and
> ecologically sound to boot. I once saw an article
> about a house in London which basically looked
> like a big blue egg with a glass front. Irrc the
> ground floor was open plan, to take advantage of
> all the light coming in and the staircase was a
> loop starting at the back on the ground floor to
> end up at the front of the first floor so that
> the rooms on that level were more private. Now
> that's what I call a modern house!

<and another snip of Corsican dream home>

> When I was very young I dreamt that I lived in a
> science fictional glass and iron tower in a kind
> of park, among a host of such houses, no two
> alike, where all my friends and family lived. The
> image remained dormant until I saw the article on
> the egg house and an obsession coalesced.

Have you read the 'Uncle' books? Now THERE's a house!
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