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What type of house would I like?

This is a great question to answer. First things
first, location matters a lot, so whether this
house is in Corsica or in the New Forest matters
a great deal due to differences in climate etc.

If I wanted an old house I think I'd choose
something Georgian, as they're such very good
looking houses and those I've been in seemed very
comfortable. What I actually want is Alley Bank
Cottage in Bridge of Earn, Perthshire, which I
once rented, transplanted to the kinder climate
of the South of England (is there nothing us
sassenachs wouldn't stoop to but I have to add
the filching of houses?). Alley Bank, is, simply,
the nicest place I've ever lived. Built in 1815,
actually a biggish house, it has a simplicity and
harmony about it and a great sense of home. The
view from the back is tremendous, I saw march
hares boxing in the garden once, so it would of
course be a complete  travesty to move it
anywhere. (do I mean travesty?).

Otherwise I have a great hankering for a really
modern house -- ie something not just built at
the present time, like so many unimaginative
pastiches of past designs but something really
innovative in design and materials and
ecologically sound to boot. I once saw an article
about a house in London which basically looked
like a big blue egg with a glass front. Irrc the
ground floor was open plan, to take advantage of
all the light coming in and the staircase was a
loop starting at the back on the ground floor to
end up at the front of the first floor so that
the rooms on that level were more private. Now
that's what I call a modern house!

If I ever were to have built my ideal house in
Corsica it wouldn't be a blue egg, I'd want to
use local architects, or at least people who
worked in the Mediteranean and I dare say it
would have balconies and courtyards to suit local
conditions. I like modern Spanish buildings so a
Gaudi influence would be nice, something a bit

When I was very young I dreamt that I lived in a
science fictional glass and iron tower in a kind
of park, among a host of such houses, no two
alike, where all my friends and family lived. The
image remained dormant until I saw the article on
the egg house and an obsession coalesced.

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