Puss in Boots?

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Mon Oct 28 05:40:03 EST 2002

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> Puss in Boots by Diana Wynne Jones.  Has anyone read
> this book?  I'm inclined to get it because I like the
> story (thanks to the marquis de Carabas from
> Neverwhere) and because it's DWJ, but I wanted to know
> if it is a straight telling of the story.  And if
> there are any illustrations.

I got it for a pound, I think. I don't think it's worth paying very much
more than that- it's aimed at young children and I don't think it's very
dwj-ish, it's just a nice simple retelling. There are illustrations but not
very memorable ones (at least I can't remember anything about them!)
 but since an infinite number of monkeys and typewriters must have an
infinite mass, the experimental setup would instantly collapse into a very
hairy, ill-mannered black hole covered in metal and ink.  
nyra on afp
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