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Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 27 21:30:30 EST 2002

> Philip:
> > We've added another question, haven't we.
> >

My house was designed for us by an architect friend 10
years ago. It is somewhat of the Glen Murkett style,
with galvanised iron walls and a curved galvanised
iron roof. All the rooms are strung out in two long
wings (literally in this case it was inspired by birds
- and my late father-in-law always expected it to take
off in a strong wing - he said it reminded him of
nothing so much as the Junkers transport aircraft that
operated in New Guinea in the 1930s), with one side of
the house all windows looking out into the bush. I'd
repeat this for my ideal house with some changes (as
in my fantasy I'd be able to afford them) - all the
rooms much bigger and more of them. The house is
actually designed to have a tower (it doesn't) that'd
be there. I'd need an extra wing (or two) as a studio
(for my wife) and a decent library. To enter the house
you have to use a bridge - this would obviously become
a draw bridge.

> HOw come no one's said floor to ceiling, built in
> bookcases yet?  Lots of
> bookcases would be absolutely a necessity for any
> dream house of mine!
> -RDG
Plenty of space for books goes without saying. At the
moment I have floor to ceiling bookshelves for my
fiction books, but not nearly enough as the books have
to fit 3 deep on the shelves with all the larger ones
laying on top of the paperbacks. It is virtually
impossible to get anything from the back row. My
fiction take about 6m of floorspace at home. The
school library here has fewer fiction books and uses
18 metres of floor space. 

The two questions about pets seem to be additions too.
We (as a family) have two cats, two dogs (mini fox
terrier and a border collie/german shepherd cross -
the latter very old and sadly dying. two lovebirds,
about half a dozen budgies, three quail, a ytank of
various tropical fish and some very agro snails (which
have been known to attack and kill the fish) and at
least one goldfish an a pond outside. We are also
visited by numerous local animals, especially possums
(three species) flying foxes, wallabies, antichinuses
(a small mouse like marsupial with an unfortunate sex
life - at least for the males), snakes, lizards
(including a goanna recently), tortoises, and over 80
species of birds.

For ideal pets - a psamead could be fun, and I've
always wanted to teach a dragon how to perch on my
shoulder (I tried with the smaller dog but it never
got the idea properly and a perching budgie just lacks

I have noticed that there are very few morning people
on our list. Next year my school will be starting at
8.15 instead of the current 9.07 (I have no idea why
the chose that rather than 9.00). 

I also see that most of us aren't into cars, and that
I'm even not the only non-driver. By the way Kathleen
we have a station wagon for sale.

Jon Noble

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