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Rebecca Ganetzky Rebecca.Ganetzky at oberlin.edu
Fri Oct 25 14:06:30 EDT 2002

> We've added another question, haven't we.
> I agree.  Large and rambling, with lots of interesting bits, including
> everything J and K said.
> I would add, though:
> Built into the side of a hill, with an entrance at ground level on each of its
> three (or even four) floors.  Plenty of underground bits, some lit by light
> tubes from the surface, others quite dark.  It must have a stream nearby to
> generate electricity, and probably provide drinking water.  Washing water,
> anyway.  Any exposed roof must be covered in solar panels for more electricity
> and for water heating.  In the winter, heating is by wood-burning stove, of
> course.
> I ought to include a kitchen garden, for food, but I really _hate_ gardening.  I
> do so little of it that I didn't even think of it when the questionnaire asked
> about household chores.  So I'll put in a kitchen garden, and then neglect it
> :-)
HOw come no one's said floor to ceiling, built in bookcases yet?  Lots of
bookcases would be absolutely a necessity for any dream house of mine!

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