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> Hmm.  That just about sums up plus fours, except to say that baggy breeches of
> this sort (+2, +4) are generically known as knickerbockers.
> Actually, I don't think the tailor who made mine used quite the full four
> inches
> extra, so maybe they're plus twos.  I think of plus twos as defined above, but
> I
> have also heard the definition that plus twos fasten above the knee, while
> plus
> fours fasten below it (also consistent with two vs four inches extra).
> My problem is in finding socks long enough to meet the plus fours at the
> fastening point, and stay up there when I'm walking.  I've taken to using
> safety
> pins hidden under the turnover of the socks to make sure they don't part
> company
> with the breeches...


Maybe you need sock suspenders?

They made longer ones too, a friend of mine had plus twelves which came to


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