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Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 24 22:20:13 EDT 2002

Lisa quoted me on things that make me angry

>Racism, bullying, politicians, warmongers, 
pushing in front of me in 

Lisa went on
Ven said it all really (see above). Also the 
Daily Mail (AKA the Daily 

The first four items on the list pretty much
describe the Daily Hell, and I bet its readers
push in front of people in supermarkets too.
And what still makes me incandescant about that
was the people who did it when I was on crutches
due to a broken leg, and moving at a snail's pace
which made me particularly vulnerable to this
kind of petty predation!

Interesting the things people on this list have
in common, purple is popular, crowds are not and
cars don't register much at all. I was also very
amused by Caleb's answers to questions about
things like housework and kitchen appliances.
And, come to think of it, knife ia a pretty good
answer, I am rather fond of my vegetable knife,
even when I've just sharpened it and itn takes
chunks out of my fingers.


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