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Kyla squawked...

> Could you please explain to me what plus fours are? I realized that I've
> been going along happily glossing over the question of what they are all
> these years.

They're a bizarre form of trouser, mostly now worn for golf.  First appeared
in the 1920s, I think.  Basically, they're fairly loose down to just below
the knee, where I think there's a cuff snugging them to the leg.  Properly
worn with argyle socks below.

> And ObDWJ: doesn't Christopher's Uncle Ralph wear freckled
> plus fours, or am I thinking of someone else? It still doesn't explain
> what they are, or why they're called that.

He certainly wears freckled tweeds, IIRC - can't think if he actually had
plus fours, though he might well have.  Plus fours are often made from

According to my Brick, they are so called "because the overhang at the knee
requires an extra four inches of material".


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