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Thu Oct 17 22:51:31 EDT 2002

On Thu, 17 Oct 2002, Ania wrote:
|FWIW = "I have an opinion/some information on the subject in question; I am
|not entirely sure whether it is accurate/worthwhile/relevant/pertinent, but
|it may contribute something useful to the discussion, so here it is"
|Is this about right?

yeah, I tend to think -- depending on the speaker, the context, and the
tone of the discussion -- that it either means what you have said here,
or, more snidely, "I have an opinion/some information on the subject in
question; and I think of myself as something of an expert, but you all
aren't very likely to take me seriously, so I'm going to say it anyway
even though I know you won't listen."

That particular snide tone of voice is not one we really ever see here.
;)  So in this context, your definition is a pretty good one.

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