For What It's Worth

Ania theania at
Thu Oct 17 16:51:22 EDT 2002

Last night as I lay in my bed, doing the crossword, reading and generally
doing Ania Bedtime Things, I suddenly thought of FWIW. And then I thought,
as I turned this odd and seemingly pointless phrase in my head, that I think
I know its shades of meaning etc, but I am not really sure, being a
non-native English speaker. And it occurred to me that I may ask the
wonderful, erudite people on the DWJ list* whether my analysis is correct.
(At this point you may want to think of your own definitions before reading

And here's what I think it is a shorthand for:

FWIW = "I have an opinion/some information on the subject in question; I am
not entirely sure whether it is accurate/worthwhile/relevant/pertinent, but
it may contribute something useful to the discussion, so here it is"

Is this about right?

Please do tell!

*1. I managed to get DWJ into the post, see!
2. I agree with Widdy's post from ages ago that participating in the list
has been , and still is, a worthwhile and enriching experience (though I
cannot put it as eloquently as Widdy did, which is why I did not reply to
his post)


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