OT: Books set in October/around Halloween?

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Fri Oct 11 13:04:02 EDT 2002

Doesn't one of Daniel Pinkwater's "Snarkout Boys" books happen around 

My favorite Hallowe'en poem is John Ciardi's:

Ruth says apples have learned to bob.
Bob says Pumpkins have a job.

Man Come down from the witching tree,
Says he wants someone, no not me.
Says he wants someone good and true... you!

Mother, mother, Ruth's gone flying!
Hush children, stop that crying.

Mother, Mother, she's up in the tree!
Climb up and tell me what you see.

Mother, she's higher than I can climb!
She'll be back by breakfast time,

Mother, what if she's gone for good?
She'll have to make do with witch's food.

Mother, what do witches eat?
Milk and potatoes and you, my sweet.

Also do you know Violet Jacobs' poem "Halowe'en"(in Scots) about WWI. 
Set to music by Jim Reid, I have the Jean Redpath rendition; very sad.

And of course Loreena KcKennit's "All Souls Night."

Nat Case
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>How about Ray Bradbury's "The Hallowe'en Tree"?
>On Thursday, October 10, 2002, at 10:53  PM, Laurie Puszczewicz wrote:
>>Now that I have exactly no time to read (two months into a master's
>>program), I have the urge to read books set in October.  I blame it on my
>>catalan prof, who has brought in october-themed poems for the past two
>>weeks.  The only ones I can think of offhand are _A Night in the Lonesome
>>October_ and _Tam Lin (at least in part).  Any suggestions?
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