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Gross Family argross at bigpond.net.au
Fri Oct 11 08:41:05 EDT 2002

> --- Gross Family <argross at bigpond.net.au> wrote:
> >> 
> > Interesting how the appellation changes:
> > Melbournian, Sydneysider,
> > Brisbanite (or is it Brisbanian?) Taswegian (is that
> > right, Sally, or am I
> > imagining things?), and I'm not at all sure for
> > Adelaide or Perth.

Jon wrote:

> South Australians (in general) are crow eaters and
> Western Australians are sand gropers. By the same
> token Queenslanders are banana benders. 

Oh yes! I'd forgotten about these.

>The state nicknames for Victoria and NSW are all but forgotten
> (Cabbage patchers and walers respectively). As for
> cities, surely a woman from Adelaide has to be an
> Adelady. :-), and maybe someone from Perth is a
> Perthon. I think I'd better stop now.

No, keep going! This is great stuff, Jon! (I can't think of any myself!)

I'd never heard of the nicknames for Vic. and NSW...

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