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deborah deborah at suberic.net
Thu Oct 10 19:52:09 EDT 2002

On Tue, 8 Oct 2002, M Elizabeth Parks wrote:

|I know where Amherst is!!!  Whee I feel connected!
|Born in Pittsburgh, lived most of my life in the DC area, and currently at
|school in South Hadley, MA--near Springfield.  I know Amherst quite well
|oh--right--and the whole year abroad in Scotland.  So I'm from the south,
|educated in the north, and, um, finished abroad?

Pittsburgh is the South?

deborah at suberic.net
Ye knowe ek, that in forme of speche is chaunge
Withinne a thousand yere, and wordes tho
That hadden pris, now wonder nyce and straunge
Us thinketh hem, and yit they spake hem so.  -- Chaucer

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