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On Wed, Oct 09, 2002 at 09:29:53PM +0100, hallieod at indigo.ie wrote:
> Melissa:
> >I'm not *from* anywhere, because of my parents' nomadic life.
> Aw, I was shooting for the most nomadic life award until you wrote this.
> Born in Annapolis, Maryland, lived in Brooklyn Heights (only a baby, 
> so doesn't really count), Dublin, Ireland; Palo Alto, California (6 
> months or so, and only remember a cool park), Dublin again, Annapolis 
> again (when my dad died), Dublin again (aged 11 through end of Uni.), 
> Amherst, Mass; Ithaca, NY (where Becca was born); Durham, North 
> Carolina (where Cara was born - like someone else on the list, 
> forgotten who already), Memphis, Tennessee; Tucson, Arizona and 
> *finally*, back to Dublin again.  Hopefully to stay for a good 
> while...

Hmmm.  We seemed to bounce between a few different places, mostly.
Berkeley, California;
New Guinea (6 months, but I was only 1 1/2 so doesn't really count);
back to Berzerkley until aged about 6 or 7;
then 6 months trundling between England, Israel and Victoria, Australia;
Auckland, New Zealand (12 months);
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (12 months);
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (5 years);
Berkeley, California (6 months);
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (6 months);
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (8 years);
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (more than 8 years).

Whether that makes me a Melbournite, a Brisbanite or a Californian, I'm
not sure.  I can't really be a Melbournite, I won't barrack for any
footie team.

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