DWJ sightings (Was Re: Philip Pullman on the radio

Kale kaledann at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 8 10:43:07 EDT 2002

Ah, I was confused.  Thanks for clarifying.  

Found the Cart & Cwidder edits post here:

And Christian Nutt's Ogre edits post here:

And unfortunately, there seems to be a gap in the
archives for February-October 2002, in the Dates


--- Rowena Macrae-Gibson wrote:
> I know that Cart & Cwidder has several cuts to it at
> the beginning of chapter 2 
> (I typed them up for the list a few months ago), but
> I wasn't aware about any cuts to Spellcoats.
> In a similar vein, does anyone know if the Ogre
> reprint due next Autumn will be a restored version,
> or just the horrible reedited 'modernised' one?

I wrote:
> Oh yes, I also saw a rather old edition of the
> Spellcoats at another store, which I bought on a
> whim.
>  Now I have to look up those old messages about cuts
> and edits in Spellcoats to see if I have the cut or
> uncut version.

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