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Jenwa Hsung jenwahsung at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 6 00:37:40 EDT 2002

--- HSchinske at aol.com wrote:
> Seattle. Native Seattleite. Have also lived in
> Northfield, Minnesota (for 
> college purposes) and Worcester, Massachusetts (back
> when I were a working 
> librarian).

The prevalence of a Minnesota/Massachusetts connection
always surprises and amuses me.  I'm from the Twin
Cities in Minnesota (the little St. Paul suburb of
Shoreview), and currently live in Massachusetts
(essentially Boston, specifically Somerville).  And
iirc, Nat used to live in Massachusetts but now lives
in Minnesota, though I may be confused about that. 
But in any case, it seems to happen more than I'd
really expect.


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