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> ObDWJ: monday, in a *train station bookstore* (okay,
> the train station
> was Penn Station -- maybe new yorkers are used to
> this kind of thing) I
> saw three DWJ books.  And not the accessible ones,
> either.  It was F&H.
> TimeOTGhost, and the new hobbit-covered Hexwood. 
> Cool!

Well, I would be amazed to see DWJ books in a kiosk
store.  When Neil Gaiman had his Coraline signing at
this mall bookshop in Costa Mesa (which is about half
an hour from Los Angeles, IIRC), I went to their tiny
little children's section to look for DWJ books and
couldn't find one.  I don't think they had an
SF/fantasy section either.  Makes me wonder where they
shelved Coraline and any other Neil Gaiman books they
presumably stocked.

I've been having fun exploring the used bookstores in
my area and came across one that had three DWJs--Fire
and Hemlock, The Homeward Bounders, and Deep Secret. 
I didn't have the money at the time to pick them all
up, so I took home Deep Secret, because I enjoy the
cover, and I was planning on buying the one with the
Charles Vess cover, anyway.  I have a feeling I'm
going to end up with several editions of various DWJ

Oh yes, I also saw a rather old edition of the
Spellcoats at another store, which I bought on a whim.
 Now I have to look up those old messages about cuts
and edits in Spellcoats to see if I have the cut or
uncut version.


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