I Ate'nt Dead -- or That Which Does Not Kill Us Makes UsStronger

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 3 18:02:35 EDT 2002

Hallie wrote

<Not at all sure this reply is Intended, as the 
stupid email program I'm 
using now ate
the first version.  And this one is uneaten, but 
now I can't get online 
to send it...
(Thornlady in the files?)>

Ooh er Hallie, part of my last reply to you got
eaten too. Quick do the witchy dance! Flick,
flick , flick. Pity my fingernails are bitten

<On Wednesday, September 25, 2002, at 01:50 AM, 
Ven wrote:

> Hey,  half-baked, uninformed feedback is better
> than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

and Hallie replied
<Ok, in that case...    And I'll try to remember 
your preference for 
future reference. :-)>

Thank you, chocolate is better too and sunshine
and kittens --- but I had better stop before I
start sounding like Dana.

BIg snip of Ogre bit which i'm replying to in a
separeate post.
> Hallie
> <_Deep Secret_ is a bit different, as the ones
> who are literally
> sundered have been split by the actions of 
> people, while Rupert
> maybe acts it all out on a purely human level.
> Better explain that -
> his sociability, his connection with people in
> general, has been
> repressed, split off from him, and he has to
> accept that he did this,
> mistakenly, while Maree and Andrew have done
> nothing themselves which
> caused them to be split.  Right?  Actually, 
> even a bit more, as
> part of the way Rupert sees he's made mistakes
> (and I can't think of
> a character who is *more* willing to admit his
> mistakes, probably way
> too much so) is by seeing the other potential
> magids who seem to have
> bits of the character he's split off, but in
> their cases, it's their
> whole character, rather than a repression of a
> part they don't want
> to acknowledge.  Punt, with his "aloofness",
> which turns out to be
> just voyeurism, Tansy Ann's "grey psychic
> blanket", which she sees in
> everyone else.  Don't know about Thurless and
> Gabrelisovic(?)...........>
> Me
> Thurless is like personified anger -- Meldrew
> without the humour ("blocking my way, dancing
> about and flicking her damned fingernails -- I
> Don't Believe It" is actually very Rupert now I
> come to think of it.

So it is.  Which works two ways, I think.  First,

you could see  part
of Rupert's problem as being that he thinks he 
shouldn't feel anger,
and his attempts to repress it cause problems 
such as Maree's fateline
getting entangled in the working because of the 
spurts of anger.  (Hmm.  
thought how that way of showing an emotion which 
can't be repressed any 
could be seen also in Polly's washings of bleach 

guilt in Bristol 

Afraid I've caught you out here Hallie! the
bleaching on the bridge in Bristol occurs at
Polly's low point, when she has been turned away
by both her parents, it's abandonment, not guilt.
 Her meddling with photographs comes a couple of
years later. 

Hallie continued
<But secondly, (and I'd expect  a lot of people 
wouldn't buy this), you 
could go back
to Tom's "being a hero means not worrying how 
silly you look".  Rupert 
needs to
learn that, but, couldn't you see Thurless (and 
to an extent, also 
Maree) as showing
the flip side of it?  Thurless has absolutely no 
idea that his behaviour 
is far beyond silly to
ludicrous.  Even Maree, in the stopping traffic 
on the suspension bridge 
to do the witchy
dance, could be seen as taking a right and 
important understanding so 
far that it
becomes destructive too?>

That's a very interesting point. The idea that
being a hero means not caring how silly you look
turns up in Power's Last Call also, when the hero
has to play poker in drag, very bad drag. I agree
that Thurless shows the flip side but I'm not so
sure about Maree. The witchy dance is effective
against the Thornlady so it is neccessary. Mind
you Maree really doesn't seem to care how
embarrassing it is, that's left to Nick.

> WhatsisCroatianname is just
> psychotic, he's slipped all his gears.

<Yeahbut.  Now that you said that, of course it's

true, but that is 
possibly another
repressed side of Rupert.  He says something 
about his own mother having 
to put
up with some pretty strange behaviour from him 
before Stan started 
training him, doesn't
he?  And that could easily amount to his having 
had some lurking doubts 
as to whether
he mightn't just be barking mad.  AND - the other

part of Gabrelisovic 
(I like your version
better!) is that he's a witch sniffer, right?  So

could be that the fear 
he represents is
that fear of the power inherent in magic - 
Rupert's fury/hurt when Maree 
says "the
unforgivable thing", that he's trying to rule the

world, comes from the 
fact that he knows
they do walk a very fine line sometimes.  Not to 
mention the 
ruthlessness of the Upper

That makes me think "but" too, only I'm not sure
why..... Maybe the defining characterisitic of
Gabrielosovic is that he is a ruthless killer
...... Rupert suffers guilt over witnessing death
and not doing or not being able to do anything
about it, for example the heir that the emperor
has put to death. Later he is trying to make Rob
feel some compassion/responsibility for the
deaths at the centaur compound.


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