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Thu Oct 3 10:47:45 EDT 2002

On Thu, 3 Oct 2002, Ania wrote:

|And apologies for another off-topic post. It is OK to post links, isn't it?
|Or have I committed a hideous breach of etiquette?

Some time ago I think there was a minor consensus that discussion about
other children's/ya or fantasy writers, while off-topic, didn't deserve
slapping with a wet noodle.  we do it all the time, anyway.  ;)

and links are *fine*.  don't post attachments, though.

ObDWJ: monday, in a *train station bookstore* (okay, the train station
was Penn Station -- maybe new yorkers are used to this kind of thing) I
saw three DWJ books.  And not the accessible ones, either.  It was F&H.
TimeOTGhost, and the new hobbit-covered Hexwood.  Cool!

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