Philip Pullman on the radio

Ania theania at
Wed Oct 2 19:34:27 EDT 2002

I thought you may all want to know that Pullman is going to be the castaway
on Desert Island Discs this Sunday, 11.15 British Summer Time on BBC Radio
4, repeated Fri. morning, I think.
To translate it to those of you from other places, Desert Island Discs is an
institution; every week, someone famous (and often quite highbrow; not your
gossip column celeb, but surgeons, scientists, writers etc.) is 'cast away'
on a desert island and chooses 8 or 10 records to take with him/her to the
island, as well as a book and a luxury. It's basically a long one-to-one
interview, punctuated by music and lasting 45 mins. I'm sure it can be
picked up on the internet; try (and have a listen to
The Now Show while you're there)
And apologies for another off-topic post. It is OK to post links, isn't it?
Or have I committed a hideous breach of etiquette?

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