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--- Kathryn Andersen <kat_lists at> wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 27, 2002 at 03:07:20PM -0800, Jon Noble
> wrote:
> > I'd always pictured the world of Spellcoats as
> > "pre-historic" - ie bronze or iron age, on a par
> > perhaps with the pre-Roman Celts. Perhaps because
> of a
> I think confusion arises here because when you say
> "pre-historic", most
> people tend to think of stone-age rather than
> bronze-age. Considering
> that we actually *do* have historical information
> about various
> bronze-age cultures, it isn't really pre-historic,
> is it?
I regard "historic" societies as those that recorded
their history, and "pre-historic" ones as those that
didn't. Therefor any non-literate societies are
"pre-historic", including pre-roman north-western
Europe. Historians usually use the term "prehistory"
to include this time. "prehistoric" is not the same as
primitive or even non-civilized (using civilized as
meaning living in cities) A pre-historic civilization
is quite possible.

Jon Noble

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