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Thu Nov 28 17:12:37 EST 2002

on 28.11.2002 20:27, Michelle Thomas at
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> Thanks to all who suggested buying Lirael on amazon.com. Read it in one
> great gulp and then immediately read it again. Then re-read Sabriel Thank
> God Abhorsen will be available in January!

I'm sorry to tease all Garth Nix fans, but I can't hold silent any longer...
I have a copy of Abhorsen in my hands, though I haven't read it yet (have to
re-read Lirael first).

As to how I got it: as I've mentioned before, I have a friend who works at a
local publishing house. I visited him yesterday at work to pick up some
books to comment on (whether they would be worth translating, etc.). I had
recommended Nix's series to him (they are going to start publishing it in a
year or two), and I noticed he had copies of the new British editions of
Sabriel in his shelf. I looked at the books (very stylish, btw), when he
casually took up a pile of paper from the shelf and showed it to me... He
had a copy of Abhorsen! When he saw the greedy glint in my eyes, he
graciously offered to loan it to me -knowing I have a preorder in and have
been anxiously waiting for the book to be published- provided I give some
comments on it after I've read it <great dance of joy!>.

Tarja with a silly grin on her face
off to read Lirael now...

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