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Thu Nov 28 06:02:38 EST 2002

Kathryn wrote:
 I also like the irony that when she wove the first coat,
> she didn't know it was magic; I dunno, that somehow makes it 
> more pure, or something.  Her words were *truth* - while the words of 
> the magicians were manipulation.  Which again gets back to one of the
themes about
> magic in the Dalemark books, especially Cart and Cwidder: that magic
> is bound in the truth of things.

Yes- I wonder what would have happened if she hadn't unpicked the bit she
wove, was it about winning the war? Would it have happened, but gone wrong?
But I suppose the important thing is that she *did* unpick it- she knew
herself she had to tell the truth, even before she knew it was magical.
Probably the weaving magic only works because it is true.
I like the glimpse of her in Crown of Dalemark, where she says to
whatshername that she wondered who was coming when she felt that this
particular wool was the right one to go in the pattern next.
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