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Robyn Starkey rohina at
Tue Nov 26 14:55:22 EST 2002

>We seem to have gone very quiet at the moment, and I recall a while ago we
>were thinking of discussing Spellcoats. I haven't read it for a while, but
>it's my favourite of the Dalemark books; I'd like to have some of your
>insights. Or is there another book that people would prefer?

No, let's do talk about it. I think we all agreed, but then no one started 
the discussion.

I have a comment. A while ago, a colleague of mine was talking about 
looking for examples of medieval women who are shut up in towers and 
weaving or embroidering. There are some examples in medieval Arthurian 
texts (this is the source for The Lady of Shalott). Anyway, when she was 
describing the image she was looking for, Spellcoats sprang to mind for me. 
Granted, at the end of the book, Tanaqui is outdoors, but she is at the top 
of a cliff, and there is a sense that she is isolated at a height. I 
thought this might be something to think about as a way in to a discussion 
about whether Spellcoats is in any way medieval/ist. Some people I know 
have said they think it is pre-historic, but what does that mean, 
specifically. I also, of course, am interested in whether people think 
there are literary resonances in the book. I can't decide - I know DWJ is 
informed enough to mean it when her books suggest medieval texts.


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