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Sun Nov 17 10:15:32 EST 2002


>I think that the first three books (Wizard, Tombs, and Shore) are 
>very definately Children's/YA books and the last three (Tehanu, 
>Tales from Earthsea, and Other Wind) are definately for an older 
>audience. But I do think that YA folks that seem to have no problem 
>with Pullman's Dark Materials Trilogy would not have too much 
>trouble with the later Earthsea books.
>just my thoughts.

Yes, I tend to agree - it's just that The Other Wind is being 
marketed (and reviewed) as  Children's/YA, over here at least.  As I 
said, it's nothing like as disturbing as Tehanu, that's not what 
struck me about it.  But of course, the fact that I'm reading it as 
an older adult and finding something in the theme of loss that seems 
to me aimed at older readers (really older, not older teens) doesn't 
mean that a teenager wouldn't find something completely different. 
It'll be interesting to see what Becca makes of it.  She said she 
needed to reread AWoE and TFS before reading TOW, and has never read 
Tehanu, so it may be a while.


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