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I think that the first three books (Wizard, Tombs, and Shore) are very 
definately Children's/YA books and the last three (Tehanu, Tales from 
Earthsea, and Other Wind) are definately for an older audience. But I 
do think that YA folks that seem to have no problem with Pullman's Dark 
Materials Trilogy would not have too much trouble with the later 
Earthsea books.

just my thoughts.



On Saturday, November 16, 2002, at 04:24  PM, hallieod at indigo.ie wrote:

>> So how many Earthsea novels are there by now?
>> Ania
> Five, afaik.  The original trilogy; _A Wizard of Earthsea_, _The Tombs 
> of Atuan_, & _The Farthest Shore_; _Tehanu_, and now _The Other Wind_.
> It's odd, I think, about the age-aiming of the stories.  I found 
> _Tehanu_ only just bearable myself, and my copy is definitely not a YA 
> book, but adult.  Yet the review of TOW in The Guardian a few weeks 
> ago, mentioned Tehanu as if it were automatically a children's book, 
> just because of following a trilogy which was.  TOW is different - 
> certainly much easier to cope with than _Tehanu_, but yet in some 
> ways, still felt to me like an "adult book".   Older characters is 
> part of it, of course, but also something about the way loss is such a 
> large part of it.  "Necessary loss", to borrow a phrase, which is very 
> apt to the book.
> Hallie.
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